The Imperial Flag

The Great Garmillan Empire is one of the largest GESO states containing almost two and a half thousand systems and tens of thousands of worlds, the fact that no external visitors have ever seen the three imperial capital worlds provokes great intrigue. The empires secretive nature gives further fuel to the rumours circulating about it especially since any who attempt to reach the Tarantula nebula are turned away by Imperial vessels, some survey vessels have reported detecting massive concentrations of Imperial vessels in the Magellanic Clouds outside the galaxy.

Despite relatively popular claims to the contrary the empire insists that all of its systems are within the galaxy. However, the truth of the matter is that the majority of the empire rests within the galaxy whilst the empire grew up in the Large Magellanic Cloud. The empire is outwardly seen as highly advanced with a strong military fielding small vessels, compared to many other powers, that can punch well above their weight and with a highly advanced gate network granting them instant access to a number of strategically important systems. The empire is often thought of as warm and friendly by the GESO members but to those not a part of GESO they can seem cold, arrogant and uncaring but this is because they are concerned with maintaining the status quo,

Governmental StructureEdit

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Military StructureEdit

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Military TechnologyEdit

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Imperial physiologyEdit

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